Nadi Parikshan

Nadi parikshan, also known as pulse diagnosis, is an ancient Ayurvedic technique used to assess the balance of energies within the body. It involves feeling the pulse at various points on the wrist to gather information about the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This diagnostic tool provides valuable insights into the overall health and functioning of different organs and systems in the body.

Additionally, nadi parikshan can help identify imbalances or disturbances in energy flow, allowing Ayurvedic practitioners to tailor personalized treatment plans for their patients.

Benefits oF Nadi Parikshan:

  •  It helps in identifying imbalances and disturbances in the body by analyzing the pulse, allowing for early detection and prevention of potential health issues.
  •  It helps in improving digestion and metabolism by identifying any imbalances or blockages in the digestive system, allowing for targeted dietary recommendations and herbal treatments.
  •  Nadi Parikshan supports mental well-being by providing insights into emotional patterns and imbalances, enabling individuals to address underlying emotional issues effectively.
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