Acupuncture Treatment

 Acupuncture has its roots in ancient China, where its practice dates back thousands of years. It is thought to have started during the Stone Age, when it was discovered that applying pressure to particular body locations might reduce pain and accelerate recovery. Over time, acupuncture was improved upon and made a crucial component of traditional Chinese medicine.

 Today, it is used globally for a range of medical issues and acknowledged as a holistic approach to therapy. Thin needles are inserted into particular body locations during acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medical procedure. It is thought to support general health and wellbeing by balancing the body’s Qi, or energy flow. Usually kept in place for a brief duration, the acupuncturist may adjust the needles to increase their therapeutic benefits.


  • Relieves from stress and anxiety
  • Reduces the symptoms of Arthritis
  • Cures habitual pain( similar as headaches, back pain, neck pain)
  • Effective to cure lower reverse pain
  • Drives down depression
  • Reduces the frequency of migraine attacks
  • Prevents nausea
  • Reduces sciatica pain significantly
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